High Output Extrusion Die For Plastic Pipe Production Line

Short Description:

Main technical features:

1. High output and low pressure loss.

2. Professional runner design to ensure good plasticization.

3. Optimized design of melt runner to ensure material uniformity.

4. Made of high-quality mould steel.

5. Various shaping and cooling designs.

Product Detail

Product Tags


Line Model Model Bush
BD-32 PVC BD-32 16-32
BD-63 PVC BD-63PVC 16-63
BD-63 PE/PPR BD-63 16-63
BD-110 PVC(I) BD-110 50-110
BD-110 PE BD-110 20-110
BD-160 PVC BD-160 90-160
BD-160 PE BD-160 32-160
BD-250 PVC BD-250 160-250
BD-250 PE BD-250 50-250
BD-315 PVC BD-315 200-315
BD-315 PE BD-315 110-315
BD-400 PVC BD-400 250-400
BD-450 PE BD-450 110-450
BD-630 PVC BD-630 450-630
BD-630 PE BD-630 160-630
BD-800 PE BD-800 280-800
BD-800 PVC BD-800 630-800
BD-1000 PE BD-1000 400-1000
BD-1200 PE BD-1200 500-1200

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