High Quality Plastic Pelletizing Line

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1. High-quality processing

2. Easy operation and energy-efficient

3. On-line or off-line available

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Main technical features

1. The production line is composed of an extruder, pelletizing die, granulator, and cooling device, which is simply structured, and convenient to operate.

2. Conical twin-screw extruder with unique screw design, high output, and good plasticizing effect.

3. Unique die design for better molding effect.

4. The granulator cuts evenly, with a protective cover to ensure safe operation.

5. The granulation air tank is composed of two cooling tanks and one storage air tank, which is convenient and efficient for collection.

Model List

Line Model Cutting type Extruder Model MaxOutput(kg/h) Total Installation Power(kW)
BLZ-65PVC(I) hot cut BLE65-132G 450 90
BLZ-80PVC(I) hot cut BLE80-156 450 120
BLZ-92PVC hot cut BLE92-188 850 200
BLZ-95PVC hot cut BLE95-191 1050 220
BLZ-130PVC(I) hot cut BLP130-26 1100 230
BLZ-55PVC hot cut BLE55-110 180 76
BLZ-65PVC(II) hot cut BLE65-132 300 90
BLZ-65 PE/PPR hob cold cut BLD65-34 150 120
BLZ-65 PE/PP water ring hot cut BLE65-132 150 120
BLZ-75PET hob cold cut BLP75-40 350 190
BLZ-80PE/PPR(I) hob cold cut BLD80-34 350 205
BLZ-80PE/PPR(II) hob cold cut BLD80-34 350 180
BLZ-80PVC(II) hot cut BLE80-156 450 170
BLZ-80PVC(III) hot cut BLE80-156 450 170
BLZ-80PVC(IIII) hot cut BLE80-156 450 170
BLZ-92PVC(II) hot cut BLE92-188 850 215
BLZ-92PVC(III) hot cut BLE92-188 850 205
BLZ-95PET hob cold cut BLP95-40 650 340
BLZ-130PVC(II) hot cut BLP130-26 1100 240
BLZ-130PVC(III) hot cut BLP130-26 1100 240
BLZ-150PE hob cold cut BLD150-24 280 340

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