CPP, CPE Multilayer Co-Extrusion Cast Film Production Line

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Extrusion part

Feeding system: automatic vacuum feeder, multi-component gravimetric dosing device optional

Extruder diameter: Φ65/80/90/100/120/150/180mm

L/D Ratio: 28~40

Melt filtration: hydraulic screen changers

Melt pumps: available on request

Co-extrusion structure: 3~11 layers

Casting part

1. Casting stick diameter: Φ800/Φ1000/Φ1200mm

2. Cooling roll diameter: Φ400mm

3. Roller width: 1800/2300/2500/2800/3000/3200/3500/3800/4500/5000/5500mm

4. Mechanical line speed: 250m/min

Thickness measuring

1. An infrared or X-ray gauging system can be selected to automatically control the thickness

2. Corona treatment: one-sided, double-sided


1. 2-station turret winder

2. 4-station turret winder

3. Center+surface track winder

Electric control

1. The production line is controlled by the S7-300 series high-speed PLC.

2. The Siemens computer system can be used as a human-computer interface, communicate with PLC, deal with the data in PLC, handle the operation parameters of the production line, and display an intuitive graphical interface for the running state of the whole production line.

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