Breathable Cast Film Production Line

Short Description:

1. Raw materials: LLDPE, mLDPE, LDPE with CaCO₃, PP with CaCO₃

2. Film weight range: 12~50g/㎡

3. Final film width: up to 2500mm

4. Mechanical speed: 300m/min

Product Detail

Product Tags

Breathable films are widely used in sanitary, medical, construction, and automobile industries, etc. The film products are used to produce baby diapers, panty liners, adult incontinence pants, medical protective clothing, industrial protective clothing, packing of fresh fruit, roof protective materials, and breathable waterproof materials.

Main technical features

1. Automatic pneumatic loading with drying function and multi-component gravimetric dosing.

2. The extruding part matched with the viscosity and rheological property of the raw material.

3. The multi-layer co-extrusion runner system and the automatic die head.

4. Fully automatic thickness measurement system integrated with production line control system.

5. High-performance anti-vibration casting station equipped with electrostatic edge pinning and dual-chamber vacuum box.

6. High-performance stretching unit: small gap stretching technology ensures minimum tensile dimension and minimizes film necking.

7. The secondary embossing part ensures a high degree of softness and reduces unnecessary gloss.

8. The inline edge trimming and processing ensures full utilization of raw materials.

9. The high-speed rail winder supports online cutting and available for different reel diameters and widths. The advantage include:

(1) Accurate closed-loop tension control

(2) Film winding conicity optimization control system

(3) Without adhesive glue or tape while changing reel, no waste

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