High Efficient Conical Twin Screw Extruder

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With the development of the plastics industry, the precision and high performance of plastic processing equipment has become a market trend. In the process of PVC powder processing, the conical twin-screw extruder plays an indispensable role. Guangdong Blesson Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. adheres to the concept of first-class quality and continuous innovation to provide our customers with high-quality conical twin-screw extruders. The conical twin-screw extruder designed and manufactured by Guangdong Blesson Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. has many advantages such as high quality, high output, easy operation, low maintenance cost, etc. In terms of machining, electrical design, surface treatment, installation and commissioning, Guangdong Blesson Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. cares about every detail and strives to do its best.

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Main technical features

1. High output, suitable for PVC powder plastic molding of various formulas.

2. Screw and barrel made of high-strength nitrided alloy steel (38CrMoALA), corrosion-resistant, and long service life.

3. Equipped with quantitative feeding system, frequency conversion speed control.

4. Unique screw design, good mixing and plasticizing effect, and sufficient exhaust.

Extruder components:

1 (1)

WEG motor

1 (2)

ABB inverter

1 (3)

Heating and cooling

1 (4)

Siemens PLC control system

1 (5)

Well organized electric cabinet


Product Applications

The conical twin-screw extruder can be applied to various formulations of PVC environmental protection water supply pipes, UPVC drainage pipes, CPVC hot water pipes, UPVC square rain down pipes, PVC double-wall corrugated pipes, PVC power cable sheathing pipes, and PVC industrial trunkings And other molding, as well as the configuration and use of PVC granulation production line, PVC door and window profile production line, PVC door panel production line, etc.

Technical Highlights

● Our screws and barrels are made of nitride alloy steel (38CrMoALA) with excellent performance. After thermal refining, qualitative, nitriding, quenching and tempering, the hardness reaches as high as 67-72HRC., wear resistant, anti-corrosion, high strength, good toughness, and excellent plasticizing performance. The barrel is equipped with a cooling fan and a cast aluminum heater, which has high thermal efficiency, fast and uniform heating speed.

Conical Twin Screw Extruder screws and barrels from Blesson machinery
Conical Twin Screw Extruder quantitative feeding system from Blesson machinery

● Equipped with a quantitative feeding system, frequency conversion speed control.

● The screw is professionally designed, and the mixing effect and plasticizing effect are good. On the bigger-end of the screw, the heat capacity is large, the screw groove is deep, the contact area between the material and the screw and the barrel is large, and the residence time is longer, which is good for the heat transfer. On the smaller-end of the screw, the residence time of the material is short, and the linear speed and shear rate of the screw are low, which is good for reducing the friction heat between the material, the screw and the barrel.

Conical Twin Screw Extruder screw from Blesson machinery
Conical Twin Screw Extruder WEG motor from Blesson machinery

● The permanent magnet synchronous motor of a well-known brand has high power efficiency, effective energy saving, large allowable overload current, significantly improved reliability, low vibration, low noise, stable operation, and large transmission torque. The motor used by our company can realize stepless speed regulation and adjust the feed rate of the extruder to meet the needs of different customers.

● The reliable core temperature control system can ensure the production of high-quality pipes with different formulations, with high temperature control accuracy and small fluctuations.

Conical Twin Screw Extruder Heating and cooling from Blesson machinery
Conical Twin Screw Extruder Gearbox from Blesson machinery

● High-performance well-known gearbox, high precision, high load, high efficiency, smooth transmission, low noise, compact structure, low maintenance cost and long service life.

● It can adapt to higher head pressure.

● The plasticization and mixing are uniform and the quality is stable.

● The vacuum exhaust device is equipped with a separator, which is fast and easy to clean. Various devices such as the vacuum exhaust system and the feeding system can further improve the quality of the plastic products, and avoid the overload and feeding fluctuations of the extruder.

Conical Twin Screw Extruder from Blesson machinery

Model List

Model Screw Diameter (mm) Max. Speed (rpm) Motor  Power (kW) Max. Output
BLE38/85 38/85 36 11 50
BLE45/97 45/97 43 18.5 120
BLE55/120 55/120 39 30 200
BLE65/132(I) 65/132 39 37 280
BLE65/132(II) 65/132 39 45 480
BLE80/156 80/156 44 55-75 450
BLE92/188 92/188 39 110 850
BLE95/191 95/191 40 132 1050

Warranty, certificate of conformity

Conical Twin Screw Extruder product certificate from Blesson machinery1

Guangdong Blesson Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. provides a one-year warranty service. During the use of the product, if you have any questions about the product, you can directly contact us for professional after-sales services.

Guangdong Blesson Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. provides product qualification certificates for each product sold, ensuring that each product has been inspected by professional technicians and debuggers.

Company Profile

Guangdong Blesson Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research and development, production, sales and service of plastic extrusion machinery, cast film production equipment and automation equipment.

At present, our products are sold all over the country and sold to many overseas countries and regions. Our high-quality products and sincere service have won praise and trust from many customers.

Guangdong Blesson Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. has successively passed the international GB/T19001-2016/IS09001:2015 quality management system certification, CE certification, etc., and has been awarded the honorary titles of "China Famous Brand" and "China Independent Innovation Brand".

China's independent innovation products and Famous brands in China
Melt-blown Fabric Line CE Certificate and Quality Management System Certificate
Utility model patent certificates from Blesson machinery

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