Blesson Launched High-End Aluminum-Plastic Composite Multiple Layer Film Testing Machine.

Only continuous innovation can seek breakthroughs during the recession of traditional industry.

Blesson’s latest high-end, state-of-art and upscale design of aluminum-plastic composite multiple layer film testing machine has been launched to the ever changing market.

Blesson Precision Machinery (2)

This aluminum-plastic composite multiple layer film testing machine independently developed by Guangdong Blesson Precision Machinery Co.,LTD can complete the aluminum-plastic film manufacturing process only by breaking through the traditional multi-step method, which greatly saves the process time and process loss, realizes the efficiency improvement and cost reduction of large-scale mass production, and helps the localization of high-end aluminum-plastic film.

Blesson Precision Machinery

In addition to the cost reduction and replacement brought by the technology, it also improves the speed of production expansion, so as to match the demand speed of the global soft pack battery and provide a more stable and safe supply chain channel.  In the long run, the flexible power battery will still be a mainstream technology route, and the demand for aluminum-plastic film will also increase day by day. Chinese domestic manufacturers are expected to gradually realize self supplyment with higher cost performance ratio. With the lamination process, higher energy density and more experienced packaging technology, flexible battery is more suitable for solid state battery, and is expected to bring new demand with the development of solid state battery.

Post time: Jun-15-2023

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